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How To: Clean Run Course Builder

Beginners, in particular, may need this info.

What is it?

Clean Run Course Builder is a software program that allows you to create, edit, view and print "Course Maps".

How to get it?:

1. tip: follow these same steps whether you want to create courses or just view them.

2. Go to Internet web page www.coursedesigner.com

3. Download the application (windows and mac versions available)

4. Install it (just follow the prompts for)

5. Open it (click OK to bypass the activation window)

What does a "Course" look like when Bonnie emails it?

Begin Course Designer
Version 3
For a free viewer, go to www.coursedesigner.com
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End Course Designer

How do I make it look like a real map?

6. When you want to VIEW a course .

          a. Highlight that entire group of text ...
                "Begin Course Designer ... {thru] ... End Course Designer" -
          b. Be certain to include the words "Begin Course ... [thru] ... End Course Designer"
          c. COPY the highlighted text
          d. Open Course Builder
          e. PASTE the highlighted text

How to print?

If you want to print it, but didn't buy the license (like on a second pc)...

7. while the Course Builder is open and is your active window...

          a. click CTRL - PRT SC ( print screen button)
          b. open Word or WordPAD
          c. PASTE
          d. Voila!

Hope this info helps!